Paula Neder author, composer and music producer who intertwines folk music with rock and pop. She is one of the leading voices on the music scene in Mendoza, Argentina. Currently lives in Medellin, Colombia. Caleidoscopio, is her debut album and was released in 2014. She won the “Uno Escenario” award for Best Female Artist Album and Album of the Year by Diario La Nación. In 2015 she was one of the winners of the “Buenos Aires Youth Art Biennial”, Argentina. ILLA emerged in 2016, it is his second album and it was produced by Luis Gurevich (Producer of León Gieco). She won the “Uno Escenario” Award for Best Musical Production and Album of the Year from La Nación, a renowned Argentine newspaper. Her project was selected by FIMPRO to participate in the Networking and Pitch Sessions in the 2021 Edition. In 2022 she was selected for the “CIRCULART” showcases in Medellín, Colombia. 

She is an artist who moves freely and fluently at rock and folklore festivals. She has also composed original music for shows with international projection, such as the National Harvest Festival in Mendoza, Argentina. Versatile, he has participated in electronic music themes, collaborating with top-level DJs and producers.

“Female empowerment, through my songs, is a fact.” Her path is engaged with other female artists. 

She has already opened concerts for: Natalia Lafourcade, Rosana, Ismael Serrano. In addition, he has shared the stage and recorded songs with Latin American artists: Susana Baca, Marta Gómez, Liliana Herrero, Baglietto – Vitale, Orozco – Barrientos. With a restless spirit, she has taken her compositions to: Argentina, Colombia, México, Spain and France. 

 “La Fuerza – Enciende tu Voz”, a round of creative artists, is her most recent project. In it, she accompanies numerous processes of vocal exploration and songwriting, creating a space for personal and collective empowerment. In 2021 and so far in 2023, more than 600 people carried out intensive virtual and face-to-face workshops, opening a space for creators to empower themselves through songwriting.

 This 2023 finds her as the music producer of other records by other artists, including her third record material, together with Mendoza´s producer Leandro Lacerna. 

(Recordar) la Luz / (Remember) the light is her first experience touring Canada. 

Her solo set is connection, a visceral encounter, here and now with songs.

“Paula Neder has the vibrant force with which a teasel flower sprouts

in the heights of the hills.

All that sonic landscape, where roots and folklore merge,

defines the aesthetic plot of her music.”

Gabriel Plaza, music journalist.




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